The Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School is unique. Founded by Tom Bass in 1974, it is Australia’s oldest and most respected institution dedicated to teaching sculpture in the classic atelier tradition.

Working in a large fully-equipped studio, students of all levels learn one-on-one from professional and dedicated sculptors in a friendly, creatively stimulating

Whether you’re sculpting in clay, stone, direct plaster, papier mache, wax or
wire, you will be challenged and empowered to learn to ‘see’ and be inspired to develop your own creative expression. At TBSSS you’ll find yourself absorbed
in another world apart from the everyday.

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“We teach you to see,
not merely to look.”

Tom Bass, 1916 – 2010

Course Overview

Introductory Program

10 Weeks

A one term, guided program for students new to sculpture, looking at the essential basics of modelling, casting and colouring.



10 Weeks

Our 3 hour workshops are suitable for students of all skill levels, and aim to develop an understanding of the fundamental aspects of creating sculpture.


Special Workshops

We offer a range of special workshops including one day and weekend courses, intensive courses or workshops over a few weeks. You can learn to carve stone, create sculptural ceramic works, work from the life study, plus much more…


Term Dates 2017

Wednesday 26 April – Tuesday 4 July
Saturday 15 July – Thursday 21 September
Monday 9 October – Saturday 16 December