The Studio

Situated in a converted warehouse in the heart of the Erskineville community, the studio space is both unique and inspiring. It is fully-equipped to cater for students of all levels as well as professional sculptors.

There is also a dedicated gallery space – Clara Street Gallery, that holds various shows throughout the year including the Annual Studio Exhibition.

In 2018, we celebrated 20 years of our Studio being in Erskineville.

What can you expect to learn?

Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School welcomes students of all levels. You needn’t have any prior sculpture or art training, just a desire to express your creative side!

The teaching of sculpture at the Studio involves learning to see and developing the language of form. These sculptural qualities are gained through the observation of nature, from the reference Library, teachers and other students. There are various processes within the workshop classes which will teach you to

  • Find a starting point
  • Utilise the extensive library
  • Learn about tools and studio practice
  • Develop drawings and maquettes*
  • Make an armature*
  • Model in clay
  • Make a plaster waste mould
  • Make a cast in plaster or cement and to make necessary refinements and repairs
  • Colour and present your work at the Annual Studio Exhibition

*Introductory classes do not include develop drawings and maquettes or making an armature

It’s all about the clay.

Classes concentrate on the methods of creating sculpture based around the use of clay and casting.

The clay used in the Studio was originally dug out by Tom Bass at his Minto property more than 60 years ago. This ‘master clay’ is constantly recycled and reused – a treasured material that has been used to create many extraordinary sculptures by Bass, his peers and students.

Sculptures are cast in plaster which is practical and affordable. However, students can arrange for bronze or other casting if desired.

As well as the dedicated clay and plaster areas in the Studio, there is also space and specialised equipment for stone carving. Students are able to carve limestone, soapstone and alabaster in workshop classes. Limestone and soapstone is available to purchase by the kilogram at the Studio.

No matter which medium you choose to work in, you’ll find sculpting is a deeply absorbing and rewarding experience.