Tom Bass Sculpture Studio is open to working on commissions for both private and corporate clients. We also have experience of working to tender and public sculpture projects. We have a number of sculptors associated with the Studio and we facilitate sales and commissions for them. Tom Bass’ work is also available for purchase via the Studio.

Private, Corporate, Government Clients

  • As a private client, commissioning a sculpture can be a very rewarding experience.
  • We have over thirty years’ experience working with corporate and government clients.
  • We have a deep understanding of how public sculpture works and its processes, having worked with architects and civic planners.
  • We provide a complete service from the conceptual stage, right through to the installation of the finished work on site.
  • We will ensure you can be confident in your choice of artist, to follow through your project, from the first sketches, to maquette and finally the finished piece including the management of the total project.
  • The process of making a public sculpture is most successful if you bring us into your project at an early stage.

Whether you are a private or corporate client, the whole commissioning process can take some time, for more information about the process and to talk about the costs involved please get in touch with the Studio.

For more information about commissions, what is involved and to see examples of some of the commissions we have worked on please click here to visit our NEW stand alone Commissions website.

A Selection of Commissions by TBSSS Sculptors

2013-2014: Ceremonial Sculpture, Susann Taylor and Peter Lewis. Green Square Public School partly funded by the City of Sydney (Cultural and Sponsorship Grant) for Green Square.

2012: Sunbury Art Project, Hume Council, 4 Busts in honour of the Ashes in Victoria Wendy Black, Damien Lucas, Michael Christie, Sue Alexopoulos.

2012: Waterdrop, Margo Hoekstra and Peter Bartlett. Reservoir Gardens at Paddington: a temporary installation for the Reservoir Art Program funded by the City of Sydney.

2011- 2012: Mary MacKillop (bronze), Michael Christie. Mary MacKillop Parish, Church in Arncliffe.

2009: Edmund Rice, Wendy Black. Christian Brothers at Lewisham

2006: Rainbow Serpent. Peter Bartlett, Karen Alexander, Michael Christie, Janet Coyne, Julie Mahony under guidance of Tom Bass. Group Public Sculpture Erskineville Public School.

2005-2008: Bust for Captains Walk, Captains Walk Cootamundra – 30 busts.

2005: The Pioneer Woman, Damien Lucas, Lightening Ridge, QLD.

2004: St Augustine Relief, Tom Bass assisted by Wendy Black, St Augustin’s Church, YASS NSW.

2002-2006: Elizabeth (7ft Bronze), Tom Bass with assistance by Damien Lucas sculpture of Mrs Macquarie in Mawson Park. Campbelltown NSW.

For more information about the other commissions TBSSS has completed, please get in touch with the Studio.