Tom Bass Memorial Address with Jennifer Turpin – Wed 31 Oct, 7pm

We are thrilled to announce that the 2018 Tom Bass Memorial Address will be given by public artist Jennifer Turpin on the 31 October, 7pm at the Centenary Auditorium at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Continue reading for more info.

2018 Tom Bass Memorial Address

Jennifer Turpin is a public artist with over 20 years experience creating kinetic installations engaging water, wind and light as sculptural media. Dynamic and site-specific, the artworks operate at the interface of art, science, nature and the built environment. Activated by nature’s elemental energies, they are rhythmic, responsive and transformative ‘performances’ in the everyday life of the city. At once puzzling, playful, mesmerising and contemplative, the artworks make visible the invisible and highlight the elemental energies of nature so often taken for granted. Many of the artworks are part of environmental restoration projects.

On the large scale works Jennifer collaborates with her artist colleague Michaelie Crawford. Together they work with scientists, engineers and specialist designers to realise their innovative sculptural projects. They have participated in multi-disciplinary urban design teams and embrace specialist curatorial projects as part of their studio practice. Turpin + Crawford are experienced working with architects, landscape architects and other design professionals, developers, governments and councils.

Jennifer studied with Tom Bass in the 1980s and will present her work and the work she has produced together with Michaelie over the past 20 years under the title “Collaborations with Nature”.

Wednesday 31 October, 7pm.
No booking required, donation on the door.
Centenary Auditorium
Art Gallery of New South Wales

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