Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays

The Latest Events Newsletters On behalf of all the teachers, Board and staff of TBSSS we'd like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a Happy New Year and all the best for 2021! 2020 has been a year like … Read More

Student Profile: Martin Williams

The Latest Events Newsletters How long have been at TBSSS?  I think since 2007. I was around with Tom in his latter days at the Studio and indeed worked with the TBSSS Board subsequent to his passing. I was pleased … Read More

Reflections on the Term 4 Life Study by Jenny Pollak

The Latest Events Newsletters It has been particularly rewarding for me to return to teach the Life Study class at the TBSSS after the enforced break necessitated by COVID-19. My focus in this class is to help each student develop … Read More

Student Profile: Bree Cribbin

The Latest Events Newsletters How long have been at TBSSS?  Since 2017. I began by doing a workshop with Odette Ireland and was captured by the spirit of the Studio and haven’t looked back. Where do you travel from each week? … Read More

TBSSS Launches Online Sculpture Blog

The Latest Events Newsletters As part of our COVID-19 revitalisation plan, TBSSS have recently launched the Sculpture Club Journal - a new online blog to engage with our students, teachers, broader community and any curious minds out there on the internet! The Journal … Read More

Student Profile: Nicole Sudjana

The Latest Events Newsletters How long have been at TBSSS?  Since January 2019 (I think) Where do you travel from each week? I live in Newtown so it’s an easy 15 minute walk for me :) What do you do … Read More

Our First Course Back: Ice Sculpture

The Latest Events Newsletters On Sunday 5 July TBSSS marked its official re-opening with our second ever Ice Sculpture workshop with Anne-Marie Taberdo. I (William) was fortunate enough to attend - my first ever sculpture workshop! The day began with a very interesting … Read More

Alabaster Carving Wrap-Up

The Latest Events Newsletters The Alabaster Carving workshop taught by alabaster specialist carver Carol Crawford over the weekend of 11/12th July was a whirlwind of dust and creativity. After choosing a piece of alabaster, the nine participants then started chiselling … Read More

What our teachers are up to: Arielle Morris

The Latest Events Newsletters During lockdown I made a very tongue-in-cheek sculpture about the different ways my husband and I were dealing with being stuck in the house. I was losing my mind, while he remained solid and sensible. I … Read More

What our teachers are up to: Wendy Black

The Latest Events Newsletters I have been very grateful live where I do over the last 4 months, there has been plenty to do on the land and in my studio - the time has flown by! Our resident wombats … Read More