Artist Talk – Carol Crawford – there is a blaze of light in everything

Clara Street Gallery in association with the Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School is pleased to invite you to an exhibition of work by Carol Crawford entitled there is a blaze of light in everything.

Please join us at an artist talk by Carol Crawford for her exhibition there is a blaze of light in everything on Saturday 7 July at 2pm.

Artist statement

This exhibition is a mini retrospective of my body of work – it embodies me in sculptural form.

It all started with Genesis I, seen in the exhibition in bronze from 2010 – free flowing light and air and the feeling of nurturing and support are integral to this sculpture – this sculpture was created at a time of great emotion for me, and to me conveys so much comfort and love.

Alabaster became my obsession from around 2010, with small sculptures – why alabaster? Because of the quality of the stone and its translucency (or not) and also because I am attracted to the fact that it is formed in the ground as ‘eggs’ or nodules – it is my connection with the stone that gives birth to the forms. I listen to what the form is telling me, and work slowly, attentively. I enter another world when I carve – which is mostly done by hand filing and hand polishing.  I am innately connected to each sculpture.  They are part of me, and I am a part of them.

Despite the ‘faults’ in many of the alabaster sculptures, they are full of life and vitality – nothing in life is perfect, and they are more ‘real’ for this attribute. there is a blaze of light in everything

Artist Bio

Carol Lehrer Crawford in an artist practicing in Sydney, Australia.  She has been creating sculptures for over 15 years in a variety of materials including bronze, plaster, wax, marble and alabaster.  She is recognised for her organic and sensuous curvilinear forms. Carol has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions and has been a finalist in the Tom Bass Prize 2018 & 2016, Harbour Sculpture 2017 & 2015, Northern Beaches Art Prize 2017, Warringah Small Sculpture Art Prize 2016, Sculpture at Sawmillers 2016 and Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2016.

Carol has completed several public commissions including two portraits for the Cootamundra ‘The Captain’s Walk’ in country NSW, and has various works in private collections within Australia and Germany (Berlin).

She holds a BA from the University of New South Wales, and has also studied Fine Arts (theory) at Sydney University.

Examples of her work can be seen on her website

there is a blaze of light in everything
Artist Talk and Drinks: Sat 7 July 2pm
Exhibition runs: 21 June – 15 July 2018
Mon – Fri (except Tuesday) 10am – 2pm