EXHIBITION: Carol Crawford – CASA: a group show at Saint Cloche Gallery

TBSSS Sculptor and Chair Carol Crawford is exhibiting in an upcoming group exhibition titled CASA at Saint Cloche Gallery. Keep reading, for more details.

“I would like to invite you to the Opening Night drinks this Wednesday, 6th December, at Saint Cloche  – from 6pm to 8pm at 37 MacDonald Street, Paddington.  I am one of the exhibiting artists, and am thrilled to be alongside fourteen other gifted artists such as Melbourne painter Hannah Nowlan and floral sculptor extraordinaire, Tracey Deep.

CASA is a sensitively curated show by Kitty Clark (the owner of Saint Cloche), and evokes many themes that resonate with me.

CASA reminds us to take a long exhale and relax after a busy year.  The exhibition is inspired by the mid twentieth century French sculptor Valentin Schlegel, who viewed interiors as another natural realm, full of surprises, reflections and shapes.  Her own house became the best example of her sculptural fantasy world, and evoked humanity, restraint and real emotion.

Schlegel was a ‘modern’ forward thinking woman whose aesthetic really resonates with me.  This show elevates the domestic realm to a sensuous space of art.  Schlegel practiced between Paris and the sleepy fishing village of Sete, and from this she drew a parallel with high art and humble craftsmanship. Casa is a space of calm, homely comfort.  The evocation of real emotion and humanity is what connected me with Schlegel and I am looking forward to seeing the show in its entirety.  I hope you will too!”

Carol Crawford

Exhibition open from 6 Dec 2018 – 6 Jan 2019
Saint Cloche Gallery