EXHIBITION: Tony Wong Hee – ‘The leaving’

38 Lander Street  Darlington  Sydney  (near Carriageworks)
Opening 6 – 8pm  Tuesday 13  November 2018
Exhibition 13 – 24 November 2018
Hours Wednesday to Saturday 11am – 6pm

Artist Statement
Over the past few years I have worked with the idea of human displacement.

The leaving was completed over a period of twelve months between 2017 and 2018 and represents a stronger, more personal development of my earlier themes.

Working in direct plaster allows for the raw, spontaneous expression of the feelings I want to convey, and hopefully helps to illicit a direct response from the viewer on a visceral level.

The form of the singular, detached human figure, speaks to me, allowing for a connection however fleeting.

Tony Wong Hee