Upcoming Exhibitions by TBSSS Sculptors

A number of TBSSS sculptors have upcoming exhibitions in November and December. Please come along to some of these exhibitions and support your fellow sculptors!

1. Tony Wong Hee – The leaving (pictured middle)

38 Lander Street  Darlington  Sydney  (near Carriageworks)
Opening 6 – 8pm  Tuesday 13  November 2018
Exhibition 13 – 24 November 2018
Hours Wednesday to Saturday 11am – 6pm

Artist Statement
Over the past few years I have worked with the idea of human displacement.

The leaving was completed over a period of twelve months between 2017 and 2018 and represents a stronger, more personal development of my earlier themes.

Working in direct plaster allows for the raw, spontaneous expression of the feelings I want to convey, and hopefully helps to illicit a direct response from the viewer on a visceral level.

The form of the singular, detached human figure, speaks to me, allowing for a connection however fleeting.

2. Eilat Rabin Rein –  The Triumph of Venus (pictured right)

Eilat is currently part of a group exhibition called “The Triumph of Venus” at Frances Keevil Gallery in Double Bay.

Double Bay Village 28 – 34 Cross St, Double Bay NSW
Exhibition 17 October – 4 November 2018
Hours Tues to Sat 10 – 5; Sun 11 – 4; Mon Closed

3. Carol Crawford – SEMBLANCE and upcoming show in December… (pictured left)

Carol recently finished exhibiting her work at SEMBLANCE, a group show curated by Sophie Vander (Curatorial + Co) of 7 women artists at Comber Street Studios.

Carol will also be exhibiting in another group show in December, with details to be announced soon.

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