Alabaster Carving Wrap-Up

The Alabaster Carving workshop taught by alabaster specialist carver Carol Crawford over the weekend of 11/12th July was a whirlwind of dust and creativity.

After choosing a piece of alabaster, the nine participants then started chiselling away at the stone. There was a variety of alabaster stones available to the students, from more translucent stones to the veiny bardiglio opaque alabaster nodules.

After chiselling off the most unwanted parts of their stone, the students then all learnt to file and contour their stones into the many varied and beautiful forms that resulted. Hand polishing the alabaster was also taught. ┬áThe resultant sculptures were very diverse – from a figurative hand, and, a mother and child, to very interesting organic forms. ┬áSome of the sculptures are continuing to evolve as the larger stones are a challenge to finish in a 2 day workshop.

Thank you to all the enthusiastic and positive participants who made this workshop such a success.

Words by Carol Crawford

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