Bring the Body to Life: the connection between the study from life and contemporary art.

We are privileged that contemporary artist Ingrid Morley will be running a new Life Study workshop for us from term 3: Bring the Body to Life. We encourage students who have been attending classes at TBSSS for a number of years to seriously consider this class. An opportunity to be challenged and inspired in a new way with the wonderful Ingrid guiding you.

I am committed to the study from life as part of my artistic practice, as old as this practice may be, to me, it “hot houses” the creation of a strong aesthetic and personal expression.

The awareness of these sculptural concerns raised in the life class – rhythm, spatial relationships, proportions, how to simplify complex structures, form, and gesture, to name a few — are just as relevant today in a contemporary art practice.

The rigour of the study from life sets up a standard of work to which a worthwhile practice can be forged, where poetry and engineering meet — all necessary attributes to have as an independent artist working today.

For more info about the workshop click here and scroll down. Payment plans available.

Pictured: Ingrid pictured with her most recent work The Silent, 2016, steel and wood, exhibited as part of the WSU Sculpture Award.

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