Ice Sculpture Comes to TBSSS!

TBSSS is very excited to welcome specialist ice sculptor Anne Marie Taberdo to run an ice sculpture workshop this winter (on Saturday 13 July). This is the first time TBSSS has ever offered such a workshop!

Working internationally with both natural and manufactured ice to create large-scale ice exhibitions from Alaska to Germany, ice musical instruments in Norway and event pieces in Sydney, Anne Marie is accustomed to the many intricacies of the material in various environments. You can check out some of Anne Marie’s work on her website.

Ice sculpture is an ephemeral activity! Students will work with a largely, specially crafted (frozen slowly to ensure it is perfectly see-through and crystalline) block of ice to create their very-own frozen masterpiece. Students will work with a bucket/basin underneath their work to catch any melting ice. The ice is worked at using chisels, files and a variety of other ice-adapted hand tools (despite what’s on Anne Marie’s website, there won’t be any chainsaws at this class!).

Once complete, each student will have the opportunity to photograph their work so that they have a permanent record of your work before it melts! We can guarantee the studio will be nice and chilly so nobody’s work will melt too fast.

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