The Magic of Alabaster

Who could have thought that such beautiful shapes could emerge from the roughly-hewn ‘eggs’ of alabaster stone, all jumbled  together in the large wooden crate transported from Italy to the Tom Bass Studio?

Carol Crawford’s recent sold out alabaster carving workshop treated a large number of new and existing TBSSS students to a weekend of carving this translucent and easily-worked stone.

Carol’s love of the stone came through strongly in her teaching.  It inspired the students as they used their files and rifflers, encouraging the stone to reveal its secrets.

Carol says:  “I enter another world when I carve. I am innately connected to each sculpture.  They are part of me and I am a part of them.”

With sight and touch and a lot of ‘elbow grease’, students  worked together using their newly found skills to enhance the inner qualities of the alabaster stone.

Teacher Wendy Black assisted Carol with the large numbers of students when help was needed with selecting tools, using the wet and dry sandpaper and hand polishing the finished works.

TBSSS thanks all the students for their support and for taking part in the workshop.  We look forward to seeing the finished works proudly displayed at the Annual Studio Exhibition on 23 September 2018.

If any one in the class wishes to work further on their piece, please feel free to enrol in one of the term workshop classes!

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