Please join us at the opening of Elisabeth Thilo’s exhibition Rhythm and Form on Sunday 11 December 3 – 5pm.  All welcome!

As a small child, in the Congo, Elisabeth covered her concrete bedroom floor with chalk drawings, the genesis of her creative journey.  Extensive travel throughout Africa, the Middle East and Europe has since informed her art.  She developed a fascination for flow and movement that she captures in all her work. After a successful career in scientific research and education, Elisabeth turned to her passion for sculpture. She has been associated with the Tom Bass School since 2005 and was invited to take master-classes with Tom in 2009, where she was encouraged to experiment and develop pieces kinaesthetically as well as visually. Since then, she has attended numerous workshops and has received a number of Director’s Awards.

Experimenting with variety of media, Elisabeth explores the relationship of light on form, and its effect on the creative outcome. She has developed her practice in studios both in the United States (alabaster) and in Italy, working alabaster from Voltera as well as Carrara marble and travertine.

Rhythm and Form
The ebb and flow of life, the continuous expansion of the universe, microscopic atoms, all vibrating at their own rhythm. Nothing is static.  Yet when we see objects and forms, they appear still, their inner rhythm concealed. When reproducing these forms and endeavouring to capture their essence, is their true nature really expressed? What is it about an object that makes it recognisable, even from a fleeting glance? Its shape, its texture, its attitude, its position, its presence? Why do some things appear soft and others hard? Is it the way the form moves and expresses itself? Are our expectations influenced by experience or by that object’s inherent structure?  Each one of the works explores these questions of fluctuating form.

Rhythm and Form – Elisabeth Thilo
Opening Wed 11 Dec 3 – 5pm
12 December – 14 February

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