Invitation to ‘Evolving Forms’ an exhibition by Simon Gandevia opening Wednesday 11 Nov, 6-8pm

Please join us at the opening of Simon Gandevia’s exhibition Evolving Forms on Wednesday 11 November 6 – 8pm.  All welcome!

About Simon Gandevia:

Simon has been a doctor and medical researcher for about thirty years. He took sculpture classes at the Waverley Woollahra Art Centre some years ago and, since 2011, has been attending Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School.  At TBSSS, he has mostly carved in sandstone.  Simon also participated in TBSSS workshops on limestone carving with Paul Hopmeier and on sculpting with found objects with Anita Larkin.   As another interest, he has helped establish three Japanese-Australian gardens, including one at Neuroscience Research Australia.  Simon and his wife Julie maintain a number of bonsai trees.

Artist Statement – Evolving Forms:

Not much can be understood without an inkling of insight into evolution and change.  Evolution is a word that can be understood on many levels – from Darwinian evolution to the changes occurring over time in all materials, things and even ideas.  All the pieces presented in this exhibition use ‘natural’ materials, for example sandstone, which has been carved and shaped by nature and then by hand.  Some use wood which has been chiselled, burnt or eroded by the elements.  In some pieces, such as Hand evolving, there is an additional link to the concept of ‘evolving’: both the material and shape have a link to the term.

Visit Simon’s website: 

Pictured: Torso, Simon Gandevia.

Evolving Forms – Simon Gandevia
Opening Wed 11 Nov 6 – 8pm
5 Nov – 4 Dec
Mon – Fri 10am – 2pm

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