The Life Study with Ingrid Morley: Opening a door to creative understanding – a student’s perspective

A wise person, whose name escapes me, once said “the more I learn about art, the more I see how much I don’t know.”

Looking at the outline for the upcoming life study course with Ingrid Morley earlier this year I figured it might be a good opportunity to learn more. At the same time, it looked quite daunting and I wondered if someone with absolutely no formal art training prior to my 2 ½ years at TBSSS would cope.  How much further could I take my apprenticeship I wondered?

As I near the end of what for me has been an 11-week odyssey it’ s very clear to me I made the right decision. The Life Study learning curve has certainly been steep and “how much I didn’t know” became apparent quite quickly. It’ s been a challenge every step of the way and I’ve had to stretch myself considerably…mentally and physically.

I honestly don’t know if the study I’ve created is good bad or indifferent as its yet to be completed.  But what I’ve learned in those 11 weeks is so valuable it doesn’t really matter. Under Ingrid’s watchful, nurturing tutelage I’ve come to understand so much more about the human form and how integral it is to sculpture. I now find myself looking at faces and bodies in an entirely different way…Rhythm and gesture…seeing not simply looking. What a revelation.

So, to you my fellow students; whether you’re a relative newcomer like me or an old hand, if you want to progress further along your creative path, sign on with Ingrid. She is a superb teacher with a lifetime of artistic experience to share with willing students. For me the experience has been extremely valuable and I can’t imagine it would be any different for you.

To book for term 2 of the Life Study, click here.

Article written by Jonathan Foley

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