New Home – Tom Bass’ The Student

(above: Tom Bass, The Student (sandstone)
at its new home outside the Chau Chak Wing Museum)

In January 2019 we brought you the background story of Tom Bass’ iconic sandstone work, The Student, which has been fittingly displayed for decades in the grounds of the University of Sydney. At the time, the work was temporarily being displayed on the Botany Lawn, pending a move to a more permanent home.

We’re now pleased to report that, as of late last year, Tom’s sculpture has been successfully installed in its new permanent home – outside the entrance to the new Chau Chak Wing Museum (see photo above). Its relocation was a delicate, but highly successful, operation (see below).

While unfortunately the museum itself it currently temporarily closed (due to COVID-19 restrictions), we would encourage everybody to visit Tom’s work at its new home when restrictions so permit.

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