Reflections on the Term 4 Life Study by Jenny Pollak

It has been particularly rewarding for me to return to teach the Life Study class at the TBSSS after the enforced break necessitated by COVID-19.

My focus in this class is to help each student develop a personal sculptural language in their translation of the life study and it has been really pleasing to see how uniquely different each of the studies are that the students have created over the six week long pose.

The selection of the pose was carefully chosen by the entire class and is an important part of the process of creating a sculpture from life. What is most challenging and interesting to me as a teacher is to discover what it is I can offer each student in their journey towards the deepest possible expression of their art, learning their strengths and weaknesses so as to be able to both encourage and guide, and finding instructive and creative ways to discuss the complex negotiations between the eye, the imagination and the hand in a process that is primarily an act of learning to truly observe.

Words by Jenny Pollak

Above: Life Study student Carolina Simpson in action (photo: Bernadette Ryan)

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