Sculpt the Future You Want with Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School

Sculpture is one of the boldest art forms. Throughout history it has been used for bringing communities together, often through honouring a prominent figure of the area, or in ancient times, to symbolise health, luck, and prosperity. Sculptures often stand long after other pieces of art have been lost, and through sculpture we can give the people of the future an insight into our present day lives. We all notice sculptures in public places, and many of us have wondered at some time whether we would be capable of producing something like that ourselves.

At Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School, the answer is yes.

Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School has been teaching in the classic atelier tradition for longer than any other establishment in Australia, but we believe that new talent is necessary to keep the world of sculpture fresh and relevant. We were thrilled to recently have our courses featured in an article by Bupa Life Insurance on how to ‘Express Yourself with These Creative Courses’​.

‘Offering creative courses in a light, airy Sydney studio,’ says Bupa, ‘it is the oldest and most highly respected institution of its kind in Australia.’

Our school offers courses for sculptors of all ability levels, including complete beginners. Students can get a taste for sculpture techniques and working in different mediums. The best way to learn sculpture is to be taught by professionals. All the tutors at Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School are experienced sculptors themselves. Through learning to sculpt in a variety of media including clay, stone, plaster, papier mache, wax and wire, you can discover which media give you the most scope for self-expression as you learn to create your own original works and develop a wide variety of new skills.

Learning to sculpt can help you combat stress while improving your dexterity, concentration, and communication skills through expressing yourself in an artistic, creative way. You can also gain a huge sense of achievement as you look at the original works you have produced.

The benefits of learning sculpture don’t end there. Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School holds exhibitions of students’ and teachers’ work, so others will be able to see your work in a gallery setting. Perhaps this will inspire you to exhibit other works elsewhere, or sell your original pieces at craft fairs and markets for extra income. Whatever you choose to do with your newly discovered abilities, they’re bound to give you an enormous sense of achievement.

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