Student Profile: Rhonda Cooper

How long have been at TBSSS?
I started at Tom Bass Sculpture School in 2014 and enjoyed the classes so much I have been attending ever since.

Where do you travel from each week?
I travel from Cronulla, which takes me about 40- 50 minutes but it’s certainly worth the trip.

What do you do when you’re not sculpting?
I am a primary school teacher and have recently retired from full time work to do casual teaching, which I’m enjoying a great deal.

What made you take up sculpting?
I had previously done sculpture classes with community college but was looking for something that provided more expertise. When I ‘discovered’ Tom Bass I felt it suited my needs perfectly.  I’ve found the staff at the school very friendly and helpful. The tutors at Tom Bass are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming. They’ve really helped me improve my skills with their expert advice. I’ve now created around eight pieces including one for which I was fortunate enough to be chosen for the People’s Choice award in 2015.

Tell us about what you’re working on currently…
I’m currently working on a crouched female figure, which is based on a sculpture by Reiner Hoff, which I saw at last year’s exhibition of his work at the National Art School. For my next project, I’m hoping to have a go at sculpting a piece in marble. I certainly look forward each week to my sculpture class and enjoy the company of all the other students as well. 


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