Student Profile: Bree Cribbin

How long have been at TBSSS? 

Since 2017. I began by doing a workshop with Odette Ireland and was captured by the spirit of the Studio and haven’t looked back.

Where do you travel from each week?

Razorback, NSW.

What do you do when you’re not sculpting?

I’m generally experimenting with materials or teaching ceramics. Beyond that I do a little support work, wander in nature, and read.

What made you take up sculpting?

I was fascinated by how a sculpture could stop me in my tracks and make me physically move around it whilst the surroundings faded into the background. It’s not often I experience this magic – however, when I do, I feel more connected to spirit, to life, to myself.

Tell us about what you’re working on currently…

Currently I’m working on several ceramic sculptures for an exhibition.

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