Student Profile: Carole-Lynne Kerrigan

How long have you been at TBSSS?

Just over three years.

Where do you travel from each week?

Kensington, which is about half way between Coogee and Erskineville.

What do you do when you’re not sculpting?

I’m from New Zealand and relatively new to Sydney, so I do a lot of exploring – locally, across NSW and further afield.  Every day seems to be a new adventure.  I’m constantly blown away by the long straight roads, blue skies and the colours and scale of the landscape.

What made you take up sculpting?

Sculpting found me rather than the other way around.  Unexpected events and a stressful work environment combined with an insatiable appetite to understand how and why objects are made led me to sculpting wonderland.  Sculpting has taught me how to slow down and consider things differently.  I view it as a natural progression of my material culture learnings.  Being ‘in the zone’, working on a piece within a studio environment, is my calming and happy place.

Tell us what you are working on currently…

At TBSSS I’m currently working on a figurative clay piece which is really challenging me – and I love that.  It’s amazing how much I’m learning about new tools and techniques, as well as the human body.  It’s also interesting seeing my new skillset slowly develop in an encouraging way.  Being creative doesn’t start and stop at the studio.  At home I’m experimenting with the colours and shapes of seed pods; making coiled baskets with plastic bags, grasses, raffia and ghost nets; ‘weaving’ with fibres that I’ve extracted from flax plants; and dabbling with a couple of small alabaster carvings.  I’m also always knitting.  Something I learned before I could even read or write.S.

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