Student Scholar Profile: Leeroy Chapman

How long have you been at TBSSS? 

I joined the Tom Bass Studio in Term 4 last year. This is now my 3rd term since I’ve been studying with the TBSSS and I’m absolutely loving it.

What have you gained from being a TBSSS scholar?

Being a TBSSS scholar has allowed me valuable time to be able to focus on my sculpture practice within such a professional studio environment. This experience has helped me in building my fundamental skills in the process of casting and has led to the opportunity to work with Crawford’s Casting.

What do you do when you’re not sculpting?

Aha it is only when I think about this question that I realise how much time my practice takes up. If I’m not at work or in the studio I’m either going to galleries to see exhibitions, or I’m listening to music on the train while I head home from sculpting.

What sculptures and artists inspire you?

One of the most inspiring sculptors to me would have to be Bernini. When I was at the Galleria Borghese in Rome I was absolutely blown away by his Apollo and Daphne. It was also while I was in Italy that I was really inspired by the Arte Povera movement, which has since been hugely influential on my work. Other artist that inspire me would have to be Rodin, Mariano Marino, Sir Antony Gormley and Tom Bass of course.

Tell us about what you’re working on currently…

At the Tom Bass Studio I am currently working on a female portrait of a friend. It is inspired from when we were at the Uffizi gallery and she would like to model in the postures of classical statues. When I got back home I thought this would make a good reference for my second project at the TBSSS.

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