Student Profile: Nicole Sudjana

How long have been at TBSSS? 

Since January 2019 (I think)

Where do you travel from each week?

I live in Newtown so it’s an easy 15 minute walk for me 🙂

What do you do when you’re not sculpting?

I‘ve been a hairdresser for 15 years and making jewellery for 5 years.

What made you take up sculpting?

I’ve been working with my hands everyday for the last 15 years and have always enjoyed creating things so making sculptures just seemed like an inevitable path to explore. I’m a bit of greedy guts when it comes to learning and exploring different mediums so since I’ve been at Tom Bass I’ve worked in limestone, clay-to-plaster, soapstone, alabaster and I would love get into some marble at some point.

Tell us about what you’re working on currently…

I did a two day alabaster course with Carol Crawford in July which I absolutely loved. It has a lot of correlation to jewellery-making techniques but obviously on a much larger scale. So I’m working on my second alabaster sculpture (above) which is really just an exploration of the stone and form. I also have plaster sculpture that’s in its final stages.

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