Student Profile: Sandra Berzins

How long have been at TBSSS? 

I commenced Term 4 in 2016.

Where do you travel from each week?

From the inner west area of Sydney.

What do you do when you’re not sculpting?

I have worked for many years as a Studio/Operations Manager for a Brand Digital Design company and I have a side business that I am trying to grow which is Jewellery Design – I promote and sell my pieces at either artisan markets or online stores under the banner of Renate Jewellery. If you find me, you will see many of my pieces are organic and sculptural like. You can find me online at

What made you take up sculpting?

I love the escapism you get when creating something. I have been creative since a child, always making things. In primary school in my art class, I sculpted a skull/head from clay and the teacher must have been impressed, as I was asked to join a grade 6, one day excursion to the Victorian Art Gallery for a sculpture workshop – I must have been grade 3 or 4. Since then, I have created several sculptures one in either year 11 or 12 which I called 3-sided bottom.

After moving to Sydney, I attended drawing, painting and jewellery classes and became a member of the Art Gallery where I was re-introduced to sculpting by attending several sculpting workshops. One that I really enjoyed was with Margo Gabsi and in 2009 enrolled and attended her 2-day workshop the human form as means of expression – where in clay, I built a life like hollow bodice sculpture, never was fired but treasure still to this day. After that I searched sculpture schools and many times Tom Bass Sculpture school came up in my search but never had the courage to attend until 2016 (that was 7 years later).

What inspires your sculpture practice?
I love form, find the simplest shape striking, but challenging to sculpt. I look for stylish shapes be it within nature, animal or human form.

Tell us about what you’re working on currently…
I have 3 pieces on the go at the moment in limestone, but they form one sculpture – 3 birds. Love the shapes but challenged by the shape/proportion of the limestone blocks

Who are your favourite artists / sculptors?
I don’t think I have a favourite sculptor but do love they works by Henry Moore. Michelangelo’s David I was in awe when I saw this in 1989. Fascinated by the Terracotta Warriors when exhibited in Sydney

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