What our teachers are up to: Michael Christie

While our Studio has been closed, Michael has been busy preparing some brief sculpture lessons for our community. Please enjoy Michael’s short article on abstract sculpture!

What Is Abstract Sculpture?

Before the 20th Century, all sculpture was figural, meaning it resembled any person, animal, or thing that could be seen in the real world.

In the early 20th Century sculptors like Brancusi began experimenting with different styles, rejecting the idea that all art had to rely on forms resembling objects or things. They wanted a new way of creating for a modern age. They abandoned realism in favour of abstraction using new materials eg. found objects, ready – made objects and making moving, kinetic sculptures.

Here’s some homework! Look up abstract works by the following sculptors:

(1) Constantin Brancusi’s ‘Bird In Space’ (pictured above);
(2) Georg Baselitz’s ‘Model for a sculpture’;
(3) Kiki Smith’s ‘Man’;
(4) Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Bottlerack l’;
(5) Jeff Koons’ ‘The Rabbit’ (also pictured above).

Who/what is your favourite abstract sculptor/sculpture!? We’d love to hear!

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