At Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School, we understand the importance of providing opportunities to youth, disadvantaged and artists with a disability. We have a variety of scholarships available to suitable applicants.

Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School and Creative City of Sydney Youth and Accessibility Scholarships

These scholarships are professional artistic development opportunities for those who:

  1. Are an emerging artist aged 18-25yrs with a particular interest in sculpture AND/OR
  2. Are disadvantaged by a long term physical or mental disability, and have a promising artistic direction and interest.

Applications will be judged on merit, the career intentions of the student, the background in artistic practice and other relevant information. Applicants must provide proof of age and (where relevant) documentation to support their disability status (e.g. disability concession card, statement from treating professional, etc).

The application is for a full scholarship to a term of the Sculpture Workshop at the Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School. The workshop is for 3 hours on one day a week for a 10 week Term.

Please note: Applicants must be capable of engaging with the physicality of sculptural practice and must be able to travel to and from the Erskineville studio for weekly term classes.

Value of Scholarship

The fees for the scholarship are provided by donors and a serious commitment is expected by prospective recipients

The value of this scholarship is $620. Up to TWO applicants can be accepted per term. There is scope for extending the scholarship to another term.  Beyond this students may be eligible for a 50% discount through the School. Support workers are accommodated if needed. Unfortunately the venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Application Form

The application form for 2022 classes will become available in November/December.

Deadlines for 2021:

Applications for 2021 are now closed. Please check back in November/December for announcements about applications for 2022.

Youth 50% Scholarships

This scholarship is for young people (18-25 years age) with genuine interest in becoming a professional sculptor, and who have already had some experience with creating visual art.

For further information please contact the Studio by phone – 02 9565 4851 or email